PhD Program

Do you love electronics and you want to push the limits of high speed IC design? You have (or soon have) you master degree but you feel there is a world of IC design still missing from your pocket? Then a PhD may be the best option to really have a solid start of your career and grasp the beautifulness of IC design.

In our lab, there are several new projects every year and many of them are waiting for you! We are looking for excellent candidates. Your activity will be in tight cooperation with many strong international companies ensuring access to mainstream and next-generation silicon technologies.

With the PhD degree the world is yours! There are many many national and international job opportunities for our highly qualified Doctors.

We can enroll a limited number of PhD students a year. You need to be brilliant, motivated, curious and with excellent MSc results.


We are constantly looking for new brilliant PhD students. Apply at any time by writing either to Andrea Mazzanti, Francesco Svelto or Matteo Bassi. Please include:
– A brief letter of motivation
– Curriculum vitae, listing the time of education/degrees, work experience and any relevant scientific publication
– List of relevant exams with results
– The e-mail addresses of two references that we may contact, who are familiar with your academic work and can judge your potential to be a PhD student

PhD student labour conditions

PhD students will be employed for a period of 3 years. The remuneration comprises the standard italian PhD salary plus an additional grant, reaching € 1850 gross per month.