Workshops, Tutorials, Short Courses

This page contains a collection of relevant workshops, tutorial and short courses about the design of high-speed integrated circuits for mm-wave applications and serial interfaces


M. Bassi, “Serial link interfaces, with emphasis on the challenges of future links”

EuMC 2016
M. Bassi, “Wideband CMOS PA Design at mm-Wave: Challenges and Case Studies”

GE 2016
A. Mazzanti, “mmWaveIC Design in CMOS Technology”

RFIC 2014
A. Mazzanti, “Insights Into Circuits for Frequency Synthesis at mm-Waves

A. Mazzanti, “Integrated RF and mmWave CMOS Voltage Controlled Oscillators

ToM 2011
The “Topics on Microelectronics” (ToM) intensive courses are held every year at the University of Pavia and targeted to Ph.D. students and designers from companies. More info here

A. Mazzanti, “CMOS Integrated Circuits for Millimeter-Wave Applications