Laboratory equipment

Our laboratory is completely equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation, allowing us to be completely self-sufficient for any kind of measurement from DC up to 110GHz.

We have the following instrumentation:


1x Cascade Summit Semi-Automatic Probestation with Temptronic ThermoChuch TP03000, placed on a pneumatic anti-vibration table

Vector Network Analyzers

1x Agilent N5250C 10MHz-110GHz PNA Millimeter-Wave Network Analyzer

1x Anritsu 37347C 40MHz-20GHz Vector Network Analyzer

Spectrum Analyzers

1x Agilent N9030A PXA 3Hz-50GHz Signal Analizer

1x HP 8564E 30Hz-40GHz Spectrum Analyzer

1x Rohde & Schwarz FSQ 8 20Hz-8GHz Signal Analyzer

Signal Analyzers

1x LeCroy SDA 6000 20GS/s Serial Data Analyzer

1x Tektronix TDS 7104 10GS/s Digital Phosphore Oscilloscope

1x Tektronix TDS 5104 5GS/s Digital Phosphore Oscilloscope

1x Tektronix TLA715 Logic Analyzer

1x Tektronix CSA8000 Communications Signal Analyzer

Signal Generators

2x Agilent E8257D 250kHz-67GHz PSG Analog Signal Generator

2x Anritsu MG3692A 20GHz Signal Generator

1x Agilent E4438C 250kHz-6GHz ESG Vector Signal Generator

1x Rohde & Schwarz SMU200A Vector Signal Generator

1x Tektronix DTG5274 2.7Gb/s Data Timing Generator

Power Meters

1x Anritsu ML2496A Power Meter