The Cooperation and Development Network - CDN is a network of post graduate education programs in cooperation and development whose aim is to train professionals on different issues about economics, cooperation and human development.

The first initiative –the Master in Cooperation and Development (MASTER CD) started in Pavia, Italy in 1997. The success and the progressive internationalization of the initiative leaded to the establishment of similar initiatives in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia in 2003 with the Escuela Latinoamericana de Cooperaciòn y Desarollo (ELACID) and in Bethlehem-Occupied Palestinian Territories in 2005 with the Master in Cooperation and Development (MICAD). After a period in which the three CDN Master Programs (MASTER CD, ELACID and MICAD) have been consolidated and increased their mutual exchanges, in 2013 the CDN was ready to open two new initiatives in Nepal and Kenya. This year the Master in Cooperation and Development (MICD) in Kathmandu, Nepal and the Master in Economics, Cooperation and Human Development (MECOHD) in Nairobi, Kenya have started started their second edition.

After 17 years of experience, the Cooperation and Development Network is actually present in 5 countries (Italy, Colombia, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Nepal and Kenya) and 4 continents (Europe, Asia, America, Africa). More details in the section where we are.

All the 5 Master Programs share the same aim of providing their participants, coming from different social backgrounds and with particular attention to the gender issue, either with academic and practical knowledge to properly face development issues at local and global level. The training initiatives developed in the different countries have, beside a common approach, their own specificities, trying to meet the needs of local and regional geographical and socio-political contexts, tackling and deepening the main issues of concern in the field of development related to the different areas of reference.

Core Curriculum

Each Master Program has a core curriculum that integrates substantive knowledge spanning the
disciplines of:

  • Economics and Development Economics
  • Human Development and current trends
  • Project design and management
  • Field training

Courses are integrated by presentations, seminars and conferences organized together with the
partner organizations. All events are always open to interaction and dialogue, believing that only through active participation long lasting results are achieved.
Beside this, each Master Program has its own specificity and adapts to the local needs and development priorities.

Being higher education considered a public good, providing scholarships to students with
economic constraints, especially the ones coming from least developing countries, is a priority.

Field Training & Thesis

Internships ending the Program are provided by NGOs, International Organizations, Governmental
Institutions, local authorities. During the field training students must write a thesis linked to their
experiences or to a research topic of their interest. After the defense of the thesis, students are awarded a Master Diploma delivered by the local University.

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