The Master Program in Cooperation and Development (Master C&D) is a master universitario di secondo livello, according to the Italian National Higher Education System, namely a Post-Graduate program fully taught in English. The program lasts 15 months and provides more that 500 hours of teaching delivered by academicians, international professionals and experts. The whole program delivers 75 credits, according to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

Master C&D is the first Master Program in cooperation and development established in Italy, running continuously since 1997.

It is jointly organized (joint degree) by the University of Pavia and the Institute of Advanced Study of Pavia-IUSS and involves three Italian NGO’s, namely CISP, COOPI and VIS.

The Master C&D aims at training professionals in the field of international cooperation through a highly qualified academic and professional training. Students have the possibility of studying in a multidisciplinary and multiethnic environment inside one of the oldest University systems in Europe. Every academic year 30 students coming from different cultural and academic backgrounds are exposed to an intensive period of study, followed by a direct field experience. Usually, the class is composed half by italians and half by foreigners, mostly coming from Developing Countires.

Students are prepared to work in institutions like Non-Governmental Organizations, International Organizations, Governmental Bureaus, Research Centres, other Public or Private Institutions.

The main characteristic of this program is the strong link between the academia and the fieldwork, thanks to the collaboration among IUSS, University of Pavia and the three NGO’s CISP, COOPI and VIS.



November- December
January- February

March- April

July-December January
Preliminary courses on Basic Economics Advanced Courses on Development Economics Courses on Project Cycle Management Courses on current development issues and practical tools Internship Final thesis discussion



The Master provides a service of tutorship for the choice of the internship and a list of around 50 available options with NGOs. The Master also facilitates contacts with International organizations.
Special attention will be also dedicated to the vocational guidance to the job searching orientation, by means of regular meetings with human resources experts.


Throughout the whole year the Master offers also Tutorials  and prestigious Seminars held by professionals, academicians and experts from all over the world.

At the end of the internship period, students are requested to defend a final thesis related to their field experience or on a research topic of their interest.


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