Research on issues of Development and International Cooperation is one of the core activities of CDN.

Research is the result of a sinergy among the different partners of the network: IUSS and the University of Pavia with their research centres, the three NGOs and the Centre for International Cooperation-CICOPS.

It is worth mentioning the particular attention given to the issue of Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA). Prof. Enrica Chiappero Martinetti, an active member of our Scientific Committee, contributed to the establishemnt of HDCA and has been vice-president of the association during the presidency of the the Nobel Prize for Economics Amartya Sen.

Thanks to the long-lasting collaboration between the University of Pavia and the Palestinian Universities-in particular Bethlehem University, An-Najah Univiversity and Birzeit University- in the recent years several reseach projects have been carried on. More details on the University of Pavia International projects page.

Within the Agreement for Direct Cooperation signed by the University of Pavia and the University of Pretoria, Prof. Johann Kirsten and Prof. Maria Sassi have recently launched an International Research Network on Natural resources, Agricultural Development and Food Security. With its activities the Research Network wants to contribute to the international debate on the reaffirmed key role of agricultural development for food security, a growth strongly dependent on the availability and quality of resources, particularly the natural ones such as water. The core activities of the Research Network are the web site implementation and the International Working Paper series. The former is understood as one of the most efficient ways to connect the members of the Network itself and the local and international scientific community and agents, while the latter is primarily aimed at disseminating the activites of young African researchers, also encouraging scientific cooperation.

Each year the CDN also organizes regular public events in occasion of the conclusion of the residential part of the Master in Cooperation and Development of Pavia. These events represent an important opportunity for students to discuss and debate current issues in the field of Cooperation for Development with representatives of EU and UN Institutions, NGOs and Research Centres. 


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