Since 1997, nearly 500 students have attended our Master Programs in Pavia (The Master C&D, run continuously since 1997 and the Master EPIEI, no longer active) and obtained the Master Degrees. Most of our Alumni are now actively working in the field of Development Cooperation.

Every year, half of the class is composed by italians and half by foreigners, mostly coming from Developing Countries.

As an institution committed to higher education, we work through different channels to maintain and always improve the relations with our Student Community. The objectives of this committment are:

  • to promote a long-lasting collaboration between our staff and the Alumni Community;
  • to facilitate the relations and communications within our Student Community;
  • to enhance the international presence of our Network thanks to our students' presence worldwide;

As a result of this committment, many of our Alumni are currently directly involved in the CDN through: organizational, didactic and tutorial activities; internship offers; job placement; seminars and direct fieldwork feedbacks.

At this respect, we thus welcome initiatives and vacancies that would favour both our old and prospective students as well as suggestions that can improve our network.

Below you can find a database of the students of all the editions.


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The Alumni have explicitly given their consent to CDN with regards to the processing of their personal data according to what is foreseen by the Privacy law regulation.


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