Seminari didattici A.A. 2010-2011


26/10/11 Seminario - Relatore: Prof. Ewa Napieralska Juszczak
Anisotropy in non-linear magnetic materials: measurements, models, identification
Université d’Artois, Béthune, France
17/10/11 Seminario - Relatore: Mehmet Sükrü Kuran
Nanonetworks and Molecular Communication
Bogazici University
23/09/11 Seminario - Relatore: Dr. Vasile Tronciu
Semiconductor lasers - key elements for chaos based communication systems
Weierstrass Institute di Berlino 
18/07/11 Seminario - Relatore: Dr. Devis Tuia
Some elements of multiscene adaptation
Universitat de Valencia (Spain)
11/07/11 Seminario - Relatore: Dr. Moe Z. Win
Network localization
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
30/06/11 Seminario - Relatore: Prof. Jan Maciejowski
Multiplexed Model Predictive Control
Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, England
29/06/11 Seminario - Relatore: Dr. M. Zanola
Design and fabrication of a monolithic optoelectronic device - from idea to realization
  Università di Pavia
24/05/11 Seminario - Relatore: Ing. G. Gabetta
High Efficiency photovoltaic power plants: the III-V compound solar cells
CESI - Milano
20/05/11 Seminario - Relatore: Prof. Davide Dardari
Distributed Signal Processing for Wireless Sensor Network
Università di Ferrara
10/05/11 Seminario - Relatore: Prof. FumioYamazaki
Application of Remote Sensing Technology to Disaster Management Including the 2011 Tohoku, Japan Earthquake
Chiba University (Japan)
20/04/11 Seminario - Relatore: Prof. Emilio Leo
SAP Netweaver technology platform – History and evolution
CST Consulting
12/04/11 Seminario - Relatore: Ing. Roberto Sannino
Sense! Think! Move! – Intelligent Sensing and Control for Consumer Robotics
01/04/11 Seminario - Relatore: Prof. Dimitri Batani
HiPER: Progress in nuclear fusion triggered by laser
Dipartimento di Fisica "G. Occhialini"dell'Università di Milano - Bicocca
25/01/11 Seminario - Relatore: Sasso Antonio
Le pinzette ottiche: uno strumento per studiare la materia soffice
Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche, Università di Napoli Federico II
21/01/11 Seminario- Relatore: Igor Tsukerman
From Analytical to Numerical Methods and Back: Trefftz Difference Schemes, Whitney Forms, and Metamaterial Parameters
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Akron
17/12/10 Seminario - Relatore: Dott. Italo Poggesi
Modelli Matematici per lo sviluppo di nuovi farmaci
Janssen-Cilag SpA
25/11/10 Seminario - Relatore: Dr. Hassen Zairi
Electromagnetic Modeling of passive and active microwave circuits by the WCIP
Faculty of Sciences of Tunis,Tunisia