Seminari didattici A.A. 2011-201

16/10/12 Seminario- Relatore: Prof. Klaus-Dieter Schewe
An ambient ASM specification of a client-centric cloud interaction architecture
Software Competence Centre Hagenberg & Johannes-Kepler-University Linz, Austria
03/10/12 Seminario- Relatore: Prof. William J. Emery
Assessing Road Surface Conditions in Colorado with High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
University of Colorado
26/07/12 Seminario - Relatore: prof. Dan Shuheng
Research on the fault current limiter
Shanghai University of Electric Power
16/07/12 Seminario - Relatore: prof. Ke Wu
Substrate Integrated Circuits (SICs) – A Paradigm for Future GHz and THz Electronic and Photonic Systems
Ecole Polytechnique (University of Montreal), Canada
28/06/12 Seminario - Relatore: prof. Nagendra Krishnapura
Breaking the Speed Limit of a Continuous-Time Delta Sigma ADC by Compensating for More Than One Cycle Excess Loop Delay
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
01/06/12 Seminario - Relatore: Ing. Guido Schiaffino
Integration in cloud computing: amongst clouds and inside the cloud
Service Management Solution Architect Certified Client Technical Professional
30/05/12 Seminario - Relatore: Marco Schiano
Photonics Technologies and Coherent Systems for Innovation of Telecom Italia Optical Transport Networks
Telecom Italia
29/05/12 Seminario - Relatore: Dr. Enzo Tortello
Innovative solutions in the design of high power turbo-generator
Ansaldo Energia
25/05/12 Seminario - Relatore: Prof. Stepan Lucyszyn
Commercial Applications for RF MEMS
Imperial College London 
17/05/212 Seminario - Relatore: Ing. Alessandro Trogolo
An Overview on Software Defined Radio and Cognitive Radio
Telecom Italia SpA
07/05/12 Seminario - Relatore: Ing. Massimo Savazzi
07/05/12 Seminario - Relatore: Ing. Luca Razzari
Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy
Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
04/05/12 Seminario - Relatore: Prof. Paul Gader
Nonlinear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images
University of Florida, USA
21/03/12 Seminario - Relatore: Alberto Andrighetto
SPES: the INFN radioactive beam facility for nuclear physics
INFN – Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro (Padova)
03/02/12 Seminario - Relatore: Prof. Yifang Ban
Research and Education in Geoinformatics at KTH
KTH, Stockholm
15/12/11 Seminario - Relatore: Prof. Luca Roselli
Paper electronics: a new technology enabling innovative and unconventional solutions
Università di Perugia
13/12/11 Seminario - Relatore: Ing. Alberto Persico
HVDC Systems – Technologies and Applications for the Interconnection of Electric Power Grids
ABB S.p.A. Power System Division
01/12/11 Seminario- Relatore: Dr. Bruno Murari
MEMS Overview: History and Future Trend
30/11/11 Seminario- Relatore: Dr. Ing. T. Tambosso
Fotovoltaico: tecnologie e mercato
  Studio Associato Tambosso
16/11/11 Seminario- Relatore: Mattia Giovanni Crespi
CERN-LNGS distance  computation for the OPERA Project
Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
07/11/11 Seminario- Relatore: Prof. T.J.E. Miller
Electric Machine Design Using "Speed"
University of Glasgow
03/11/11 Seminario - Relatore: Kaushik Chowdhury
Cognitive Radio: A next Generation Communication Paradigm
Northeastern University
02/11/11 Seminario - Relatore: Apostolos Georgiadis
Active Antennas and Arrays on Substrate Integrate Waveguide (SIW) Technology Towards Smart and Autonomous Microwave Sensors
Centre Tecnologic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya, CTTC, Spain