Seminari didattici A.A. 2012-2013


28/10/13 Seminario : Relatore: Prof. Michele Norgia
Recenti applicazioni di strumentazione elettroottica per l'industria
Politecnico di Milano
01/10/13 Seminario : Relatore: Christophe Galland
OpSIS: Optoelectronic System Integration in Silicon
University of Delaware (current affiliation: EPF Lausanne)
10/09/13 Seminario : Relatore: Prof. Eric Van Stryland 
Nonlinear spectroscopy: absorption and refraction
The College of Optics and Photonics, University of Central Florida
11/07/13 Seminario : Relatore: Alexey Nekrasov
  Measurement of Water Surface Backscattering Signature and Wind Vector over Sea Using Airborne Navigation Instruments
Taganrog Institute of Technology Southern Federal University Taganrog, Russia
09/07/13 Seminario : Relatore: Dr. Joseph K. Scott
Input Design for Guaranteed Fault Diagnosis Using Zonotopes
Process Systems Engineering Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
27/05/13 Seminario : Relatore: Juan M. Carrillo
S1: Design of low-voltage CMOS operational amplifiers
S2: Low-voltage CMOS opamps and OTAs using bulk-driven MOS transistors
Dpto. Ingeniería Eléctrica, Electrónica y Automática, University of Extremadura
16/05/13 Seminario : Relatore: Prof. Zoran Andjelic
Simulation & Optimization in Electrical Engineering Design
Senior Principal Scientist  ABB Corporate Research Centre, Baden (CH)
18/04/13 Seminario - Relatori: R. Albanesi, A. Gennaro, M. G. Albanesi
Computer Technology and Social Networks for Ecology: the ACI Project 
17/04/13 Seminario : Relatore: Sara Moro
S1: Methodological approach for developing energy scenarios
S2: STREAM Energy Model: discussing new energy scenarios for the sustainable development of the Baltic Sea Region
Whysol Investments Society
17/04/13 Seminario : Relatore: Dr. Mattia Epifani
Mobile Forensics
20/03/13 Seminario - Relatore: Emanuele Gentili
OSINT - Open Source Intelligence
European coordinator of the BackTrack Linux project
18/03/13 Seminario - Relatore: Prof. Hanan Samet
Place-Based Information Systems: Textual Location Identification and Visualization
Computer Science Department at the University of Maryland, College Park
19/12/12 Seminari  - Relatori: Ing. F. Rossi, Ing. D. Doldi, Ing. M. Bertolotti  
Planning of a nationwide SFN for terrestrial broadcasting (Ing. F. Rossi - Prima TV SpA)
Constructing and exercising a television multiplex (Ing. D. Doldi - Elettronica Industriale Towers)
The satellite platform and the broadband-broadcast convergence (Ing. M. Bertolotti - SKY Italia)
18/12/12 Seminario - Relatore: Ricardo Scopigno
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: standardization efforts, technical challenges, solutions, and evaluation methodologies
Istituto di ricerca Boella di Torino
12/12/12 Seminario - Relatore: Prof. Alessandra Costanzo
Energetically Autonomous Micro-Systems: Future Trends for Devices, Technologies and Systems
Università di Bologna
29/11/12 Seminario - Relatore: Prof. Luca Roselli
"Green electronics": an enabling technology towards the Internet of Things (IoT) world
Università di Perugia
13/11/12 Seminario - Relatore: Dr Marius Purcar
XFEM applied in computational electromagnetics and electrochemistry Shape optimization techniques based on LSM and XFEM
Dept of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
13/11/12 Seminario - Relatore: Prof. Vasile Topa
Virtual Engineering Tools and Techniques for the Optimal Design of Electromagnetic Devices
Dept of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania