Seminari didattici A.A. 2015-2016


14/09/2016 Quality-driven development of multi-cloud applications
Dr. Giuliano Casale
Imperial College London
23/06/2016 Automotive Systems Control: Classical Problems and New Solutions
Antonella Ferrara
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Informazione
University of Pavia
10/06/2016 New Challenges in Design Optimisation
of Electromagnetic Devices
Prof. J. K. Sykulski
Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton
United Kingdom
30/05/2016 - Optimization of a compressor room
- MPC and variable speed compressors
- United Technology Research Centre: overview on some projects and activities.
UTRC, Cork
27/05/2016 Radar Adaptivity: Antenna Based Signal Processing Technique
Alfonso Farina, Ph.D.
Visiting Professor at UCL, Dpt. Electronics
24/05/2016 Coherent Systems and Wavelength Switching
technologies in next generation
Photonic Backbones
M. Sc. Marco Schiano
Atlas Copco Airpower nv, Wilrijk - Belgium
Variable Speed Drive
In-house variable speed drive
High Speed Drive
Compressor Control & Compressor Room Control
Energy Audit
Basic performance parameters of compressors
Controller logic
17/05/2016 The Network data transmission of the University of Pavia Monitoring and Management
Claudia Venturini - Maria Grazia Tambani
Area Sistemi Informativi - Università degli Studi di Pavia
13/05/2016 Finite Difference Time Domain for antenna optimal
design and biological applications
Dr Lukasz Januszkiewicz
Institute of Electronics, Lodz University of Technology
05/05/2016 The Magic Behind Radio Frequency Heating: The Microwave Oven
Massimiliano Cucina, MSc - Adv. Solution Manager, Intelligent Systems - Electronics
Gabriele Manili, PhD - Consultant/Engineer - EILiS
Riccardo Moro, PhD - Consultant/Engineer - EILiS
Altran Italia – Milano, Italy
15/04/2016 Implantable Wireless Medical Devices and Systems
Prof. J.C. Chiao
Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington
05/04/2016 Power Conversion for Grid Interface Technology: topologies, control and applications
Prof. Pericle Zanchetta
University of Nottingham (UK)
22/03/2016 Bio-electronics for Improved Quality of Life
Prof. Julius Georgiou
University of Cyprus
13/03/2016 Design of enhanced planar devices using multiconductor transmission lines with interconnected alternate lines
Prof. Enrique Márquez Segura
Universidad de Málaga, Malaga, Spain
09/03/2016 Il nucleare nel sistema elettrico italiano
Dalla ricostruzione postbellica alla crisi degli anni Ottanta
Prof. Giovanni Paoloni
Università di Roma - La sapienza
19/02/2016 Adaptive filters and passive switched capacitors complex poles for channel selection in wireless receivers
Ing. Antonio Liscidini
University of Toronto
08/02/2016 Internet-of-Things: the Challenging and the Future Trends
Prof. Jianguo Ma
Tianjin University, Tianjin, China
27/01/2016 Optimized Generation of Terahertz Radiation for Spectroscopy of Doped Semiconductors
Prasanta Kumar Datta
Department of Physics, IIT Kharagpur – 721302, India
04/12/2015 Ground Stations Mission Operations The practical case of IXV project
Marta Cametti, Ph.D.
System Engineer, Telematic Solutions
Ing. Pier Giorgio Arpesi
Selex ES, Nerviano (MI)
02/12/2015 Navigational Aids for Air Traffic Management
Maximilian Arpaio, MSc
Project Manager, Thales Italia S.p.A. - Air Operations Divisions
20/11/2015 Post-Moore THz Electronics
Prof. Ching-Kuang Tzuang
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
19/11/2015 Next generation cellular networks
Prof. K.R. Chowdhury
Northestern University, Boston, MA
18/11/2015 Mobile, ad-hoc, mesh and vehicular networks
Prof. K.R. Chowdhury
Northestern University, Boston, MA
17/11/2015 Cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access
Prof. K.R. Chowdhury
Northestern University, Boston, MA
16/11/2015 Protocols for wireless sensor networks
Prof. K.R. Chowdhury
Northestern University, Boston, MA
12/11/2015 Wireless sensor networks: hardware, systems and advanced topics
Prof. K.R. Chowdhury
Northestern University, Boston, MA
11/11/2015 Network architectures for wireless sensor networks
Prof. K.R. Chowdhury
Northestern University, Boston, MA
10/11/2015 Current and future short-range channel access
Prof. K.R. Chowdhury
Northestern University, Boston, MA
05/11/2015 The smart phone - communication device or/and measuring lab?
Prof. Kiril Alexiev
Mathematical Methods for Sensor Information Processing Department
Institute of Information and Communication Technologies
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences