How do vestibular hair cells encode motion?Vestibular organs are the main players of our sense of balance, because they monitor our head motion. The orientation of vestibular hair cells determines the direction of motion to which they are sensitive, and they respond to movements along that direction with a change in their membrane potential.... more

How does the inner ear regulate its water content? The inner ear is a membranous sac filled with fluid, and problems in its volume and composition affect hearing and balance. Water regulation is due to aquaporins, proteins that allow water flow across cell membranes, and that can be affected by hormones and drugs. ... more

What happens in cochlear nuclei when tinnitus strikes? Tinnitus is currently a disease with no cure. The "ringing in your ear" which can make your life miserable, actually does not origin in your ear at all, but is due to the hyperactivaton of several central structures in the auditory system. The first station where things go wrong are the cochlear nuclei.... more

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