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Enrico Dallago lab: 5267
office: 5259
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Giuseppe Venchi 5267 giuseppe.venchi@unipv.it
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Diego Martinez Hernandez 5267 diegoorlando.martinezhernan01@universitadipavia.it
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Graduating Students    
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Alberto Danioni    
Marco Passoni    
Marco Marchesi   marco.marchesi@ymail.com



  Years Thesis title
PhD students    
Gabriele Sassone 1990-1993 Analysis and  Implementation of some Switching Power Converter Topologies.
Giuseppe Venchi 1997-2000 Thermal Analysis of Electronic Devices and Systems.
Marco Passoni 1998-2001 Systems for Distributed Switching Power Supplies.
Alberto Danioni 2000-2003 Low Power DC-DC Converters with Piezoelectric Transformers.
Rossana Cambič 2001-2004 Mechanical Characterization of Epitaxial Polycrystalline Si and Single Crystal Si process Application in MEMS Technology.
Marco Marchesi 2003-2006 Fluxgate Magnetic Sensor System for Electronic Compass.
Daniele Miatton 2005-2008 Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Systems for Microelectronics Applications.
Stefano Ruzza 2005-2008 Design and Characterization of Mixed-Signal ICs for Motor Drive Applications.
Patrick Merhej 2007-2010 Solar Cell Modellization and Power Management in Photovoltaic Generation Systems.
Alessando Lazzarini Barnabei 2010-2013 Integrated and Discrete Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting Systems
Alessandro Liberale 2012-2015 Integrated and Discrete Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting Systems


  Date Thesis title
Recently graduated students    
Fabrizio Canu April 2011 Modello Ambientale di una Cella Solare e Analisi di un Database di un Campo Fotovoltaico.
Gjergji Shkreli April 2011 Caratterizzazione Tramite Metodo SVO di una Cella Fotovoltaica e della Sua Risposta Termica.

Alessandro Liberale

October 2011 Estensione ai pannelli fotovoltaici ed applicazione ai modelli ambientali del metodo "Single Variable Optimization"
Federico Rosa July 2012 Unitā produttiva energeticamente autonoma: un caso di studio nell'Oltrepo' Pavese
Francesco Raina October 2013 Realizzazione di un sistema per l'acquisizione e l'elaborazione dati da moduli fotovoltaici.
Davide Miotti December 2013 Analisi Teorica e Sperimentale di un Algoritmo di MPPT Diretto con una sola Misura di Tensione



Prof. Enrico Dallago

Enrico Dallago was born in Bolzano, Italy, in 1949. He received the Dr. Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering  in 1974 from the University of Pavia, Italy, where he currently is a Full Professor of Power Electronics.
His research interests can be summarized as follows (in chronological order): simulation of electrical machines; power converters for motor drives; applications of microprocessors to motor drives; finite elements analysis of power semiconductor devices; modelling of power electronic devices; reliability of electronic devices for automotive applications; switched mode power supplies; thermal analysis of electronic devices and systems; integrated power devices; magnetic field micro-sensors; energy harvesting systems.
Since the early years, his activity was led in close contact with industry ad testified by a number of partnerships, most of them stretching over years (Ansaldo, Dynamite Silicon Nobel, Ercole Marelli trazione, Marelli Autronica, SGS/ATES now STMicroelectronics-a partnership with STM is still ongoing).
More recently he was in charge for a framework agreement with CNAO for scientific and research cooperation, and for the subsequent contracts.
He was also in charge of  research Units in the CNR projects MADESS I and MADESS II and in national projects such as PRIN and FIRB.
We worked actively both as coordinator and as tutor for PhD students and courses. 
Enrico Dallago acted as a reviewer for international Journals and Conferences: IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Circuits and Systems, Power Electronics Specialists Conference.
He is co-author of some patents in electronics.
He was a referee for national research projects on behalf of the Ministry of University and Scientific Research.
Professor Dallago was also involved in coordination and management activities at University of Pavia; he was member of various commissions, of the Board of Administration and he is currently part of the Academic Senate.

Giuseppe Venchi

Giuseppe Venchi was born in Pavia, Italy, in 1970. He received the Dr.Eng. degree in electronics engineering and the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Pavia in 1996 and 2000, respectively. 
In 2004 he started working with CNAO (Centro Nazionale di Adroterapia Oncologica - www.cnao.it) where he is in charge of the power supplies for the Special Magnets and the Betatron Core Magnet plus its power supply. He is also participating to the installation and commissioning of all the other power supplies at CNAO.
In November 2010 he became a researcher at University of Pavia, Dept. of Electrical Engineering.
His research activities are in device and packaging thermal analysis, circuit simulation, development of integrated smart-power circuits, magnetic sensors, energy harvesting and power supplies for particle accelerators. 

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