Cosimo Lacava

Curriculum Vitae  (EN)


  • skype: cosimolacava
  • phone: +39382985221

Research activities

  • Integrated Optics with Silicon Photonics Technologies
  • Investigation of SOI-based optical waveguide
  • Non linear process in optical device for the development of optical integrated circuits

International Publications

1.     Trita, A., Lacava, C., Minzioni, P., Colonna, J. P., Gautier, P., Fedeli, J. M., & Cristiani, I. (2011). Ultra-high four wave mixing efficiency in slot waveguides with silicon nanocrystals. Applied Physics Letters, 99(19), 191105-191105.

2.     Matres, J., Lacava, C., Ballesteros, G. C., Minzioni, P., Cristiani, I., Fédéli, J. M., ... & Oton, C. J. (2012). Low TPA and free-carrier effects in silicon nanocrystal-based horizontal slot waveguides., Opt. Express20, 23838-23845.

3.     Lacava, C., Minzioni, P., Baldini, E., Tartara, L., Fedeli, J. M., & Cristiani, I. (2013). Nonlinear characterization of hydrogenated amorphous silicon waveguides and analysis of carrier dynamics. Applied Physics Letters, 103(14), 141103-141103.

4.     Lacava, C., Strain, M. J., Minzioni, P., Cristiani, I., & Sorel, M. (2013). Integrated nonlinear Mach Zehnder for 40 Gbit/s all-optical switching. Optics Express, 21(18), 21587-21595.

Teaching Activities 2012 (in italian)

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