Laboratory of Quantum Electronics

and Nonlinear Optics

Electronics Department - University of Pavia





The research activity concerns the following areas:

         Nonlinear Optical Materials: non-centrosymmetric crystals, semiconductors.

         Nonlinear Waveguided Optics: cascaded frequency conversion in lithium niobate waveguides, Raman amplification in Si-Ge waveguides.

         Advanced Devices for Optical Communications: fiber Raman lasers, all-optical routing and switching devices, compensation of dispersion and nonlinearity in optical communications.

         Ultrashort Pulses: generation of tunable pulses through parametric interactions, amplitude-and-phase characterization, spatio-temporal mapping.

         Optical pulse propagation in nonlinear media: solitonic phenomena and frequency conversion in microstructured fibers, generation of conical waves in bulk interactions

         Material processing by femtosecond pulses

         Biophotonics: fiber-optical-tweezers