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26/10/2009 Villa Mondragone - Swiss Hall via Frascati 51, Roma
Preliminary Agenda
9:30-10:00 am Registration and welcome coffee
10:00-13:00 am Earth Observation, Galileo, Communications and Dual Use
Prof. Marina Ruggieri (AESS Ex VP and Space Systems Technical Panel Chair)
Prof. Giuseppe Francesco Italiano (Computer Science, Systems and Production Dept. Director)
Prof. Luigi Accardi (Interdepartmental Centre “Vito Volterra” Director)
Amm. Filippo Maria Foffi (Ministry of Defence, VI Division C4I and Transformation)
Ing. Mauro Leonardi (Thales Alenia Space Italia (TASI) Business Unit Navigation and Integrate Communication Engineering Dept. - Head of Systems Security Unit)
1:00-2:00 pm Lunch
2:00-4:00 pm INTERSECTION Project
Ing. Antonio Saitto (Telespazio – Italy, Innovation Technology Department)
Ing. Marcello Antonucci (Elsag Datamat – Italy, Special Systems)
Prof. Michele Luglio (University of Rome Tor Vergata, Professor in Satellite Telecommunication, Electronic Engineering Department and for the INTERSECTION PROJECT he is working for Centro Radio Elettrico Sperimentale Marconi – CRESM – research unit of University of Rome Tor Vergata)
Ing. Francesco Belli and Cesare Roseti (Centro Radio Elettrico Sperimentale Marconi – CRESM – research unit of University of Rome Tor Vergata) TO BE CONFIRMED
Ing. Ivano Alessandro Elia (University of Naples Partenope, Researcher in Engineering of Information).
4:00-4:30 pm Coffee Break
4:30-5:30 pm Round Table
27/04/2009 Universita' di Cagliari
"New trends in SAR remote sensing" this is the seminar that Prof. Maurizio Migliaccio will held at Università di Cagliari to illustrate new technologies and applicative perspectives in Synthetic Aperture Radar remote sensing emphasizing the role of italian technologies and science in international community. The seminar is locally organized by the Faculty of Engineering - DIEE (Ref. Ing. Andrea Casula) and will be held from 18-20 at the new DIEE building. The seminar is also endorsed by the IEEE GRS South Italy Chapter.
03 - 04/07/2008 Roma,
Italy & Denmark GOLD Workshop: "DEVELOPMENT OF LEADERSHIP SKILLS". The seminar will be held by Kurt R. Richter, Professor Emeritus, Technical University of Graz, Austria. This workshop will introduce participants into interpersonal, group, team and leadership skills. The format for the workshop is through interactive participation, using several exercises and case studies. The skills developed are appropriate for application in management or leadership positions in various types of organizations, including business, industry or volunteer activities. An important part will deal with problem solution and cooperation with difficult team members by a proper involvement in the process of problem solving and decision making. During the workshop the different types of conflicts as well as the various strategies and their consequences will be analyzed. Choosing the right team is a preventive measure to minimize the causes of conflicts, and during controversial discussions it is important to have a team, which acts as objectively as possible by keeping to the facts and weighting the consequences of the decisions. Moreover, in order to select the right person for a certain position, it is very useful to know and to categorize his/her personality. Self tests and their evaluation as well as case studies will help to understand a scheme of personality types that will be presented.
22 - 23/05/2008 ESA-ESRIN Magellan Room, Frascati-Roma
2008 IEEE GOLD REMOTE SENSING CONFERENCE This event provides a platform for young researchers, GOLD stands for Graduate Of Last Decade, to presnt their work in all aspects of remote sensing. The presenters must be graduated no later than in 1998, be first author and present the paper at the conference. Professionals, company employees, Master students, PhD students are warmly encouraged to take advantage of the the third IEEE GOLD REMOTE SENSING Conference which is aimed at being a full european and international venue for young talented people. No admission charge is requested while IEEE GRS Student Membership is requested. More details will be soon published on this website and on the IEEE South Italy GRS Chapter. Presently the Conference is endorsed by the IEEE Spain GRS Chapter, the IEEE UKRI GRS Chapter. Read more
30/11/2007 Sogei S.p.A , Via Carucci 99, Roma, Room TC04
GOLD Seminar: "Journey to the Cutting - Edge of Positioning and Navigation".
The seminar will be focused on:
9:00 - 9:30 Event Introduction
"Overview on IEEE GOLD - Organization Structure, Aims and Activities" by Cosimo Stallo, IEEE GOLD Italy, University of Rome "Tor Vergata"; Simone Frattasi, IEEE GOLD Denmark, Aalborg University and Antonio Bottaro, Sogei S.p.A
9:30 - 10:30
"Software-Defined Radio and GNSS institutional applications" and "SDR developments in Sogei" by Roberto Capua and Marco Torrisi, Sogei S.p.A.
10:45 - 13:30 
"Wireless Location: from Standalone to Cooperative Augmentation Solutions" by Simone Frattasi, IEEE GOLD Denmark, Aalborg University
15:00 - 16:00
"GEOPOI: a framework for localising and monitoring of Geographic Data" by Antonio Bottaro and Maurizio Rosina, Sogei S.p.A.
16:00 - onward
Conclusion and open discussion
Sponsored by: IEEE GOLD Italy & IEEE GOLD Denmark. Stallo's personal thanksgiving to the expert economist Dr. Mandorino Stefano Rocco
25/10/2007 University of Tor Vergata
On October 25th 2007 the first Italian GOLD event took place at University of Rome Tor Vergata: the engineer Marco Brancati gave a lecture about Risk Management to Italian GOLD members who attended this meeting. Brancati is responsible of the homonym study of managerial engineering and in particular he takes care of the topics of the risk management and the governance of productive processes. He has a long experience in companies of telecommunication services (group telecom) covering various and important responsibility positions both in Italy and abroad. His lesson dealt with the risk management in the most current meaning, the fields of application, the methods to it correlated and the results that can effectively be reached. Moreover, particular attention was focused on the profession of risk manager, figure that increasingly assumes a key role in the companies that would grow in a context of total uncertainty and at same time would have the control of the productive processes and the business.