Fondata da Bruno Leoni
a cura del Dipartimento di Scienze politiche e sociali
dell'Università degli Studi di Pavia
Editrice Giuffrè (fino al 2005)
dal 2006 Editrice Rubbettino
dal 2019 Editrice PAGEPress


Grimaldi Giorgio

"La politica europea di sicurezza e di difesa comune. Attualità, progetti e proposte"

Security is a political concept. which assumes different meanings depending on both historical and geopolitical contexts. At present the growing of interdependent factors that have an influence on political events puts in evidence the great need of a multidimensional approach towards internal and external citizens and states´ security. This essay describes the evolution of the European Common Security Policy since its beginning in the Maastricht Treaty until the recent changes contained in the Amsterdam Treaty and the first steps of the European Common Security and Defence Policy following the crisis in Kosovo. Particular attention is dedicated to the strict relations between North Atlantic Treaty Organization and European Union in terms of strategies, partnership and rules of engagement regarding new conflicts and war. The transformation of international political systems, after the end of the bipolar division of the world and the following explosion of ethnic and local flights, emphasizes the lack of an effective political order directed to war prevention and the need for a close cooperation between international organizations, states, Non Governmental Organizations and other social actors involved in social, economic and cultural projects in a large number of countries. The European Union should develop capacities aimed to respond to emergencies, not only with military forces but also through the establishment of new non-violent instruments like the European Peace Civil Corps (an interesting proposal promoted by the European Parliament) envisioning a civil intervention in areas characterized by both high and low tension. Furthermore, at the same time, it seems urgent that the European Union proceeds to the deepening of his political and democratic dimension in order to become an important super national player in the next years.