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FIRB research program Europa e Mediterraneo dal punto di vista linguistico: Storia e prospettive


  General information: How to use the database
  Transliteration: Modern Greek, Hebrew (nya), Arabic (nya).
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  Typological databases
  1st module: Relative clauses (go to the query form) ◛  Comments and suggestions
  2nd module: Noun phrases (a DEMO on Action Nominals is available)
  3rd module: Noun phrases (a DEMO on Possessive Noun Phrases is available)
  4th module: Deictic elements (a DEMO is available)
  5th module: Coordinating Constructions I: Conjunctive constructions (a DEMO is available)
  6th module: Coordinating Constructions II: Disjunctive constructions (a DEMO is available)
  7th module: Coordinating Constructions III: Adversative constructions (a DEMO is available)
  The Leipzig Glossing Rules


Director of program: Paolo Ramat
Author: Andrea SansÚ
Co-workers: Federica Da Milano, Caterina Mauri, Valentina Albino


Layout inspired by the Typological Database of Intensifiers and Reflexives
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