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Extracellular Matrix of the Cardiovascular System
Research Group

University of Padova
Department of Experimental Biomedical Sciences
Viale G. Colombo, 3 - 35121 Padova

Recent pubblications
Cells, scaffolds and bioreactors for tissue engineered heart valves: a journey from basic concepts to contemporary developmental innovations - Gandaglia A, Bagno A, Naso F, Spina M, Gerosa G - Europ J Cardioth Surg. DOI 10.1016/j.ejcts.2010.07.030 ( 2011 )
First quantitative assay of alpha-Gal in soft tissues: presence and distribution of the epitope before and after cell removal from xenogeneic heart valves. - Naso F, Gandaglia A, Iop L, Spina M, Gerosa G. - Acta Biomaterialia (ahead of print) ( 2011 )
Characterization of aneurysmal aortas by biochemical, thermal, and dielectric techniques. - Samouillan V, Dandurand J, Lacabanne C, Stella A, Gargiulo M, Degani A, Gandaglia A, Spina M. - J Biomed Mater Res A. 95(2):611-9. ( 2010 )
The changing hydrodynamic performance of the decellularized intact porcine aortic root: considerations on in-vitro testing. - Bottio T, Tarzia V, Dal Lin C, Buratto E, Rizzoli G, Spina M, Gandaglia A, Naso F, Gerosa G. - J Heart Valve Dis. 19(4):485-91. ( 2010 )
Differential distribution of structural components and hydration in aortic and pulmonary heart valve conduits: Impact of detergent-based cell removal. - Naso F, Gandaglia A, Formato M, Cigliano A, Lepedda AJ, Gerosa G, Spina M. - Acta Biomater. 6(12):4675-88. ( 2010 )
The influence of heart valve leaflet matrix characteristics on the interaction between human mesenchymal stem cells and decellularized scaffolds. - Iop L, Renier V, Naso F, Piccoli M, Bonetti A, Gandaglia A, Pozzobon M, Paolin A, Ortolani F, Marchini M, Spina M, De Coppi P, Sartore S, Gerosa G. - Biomaterials. 30(25):4104-16. ( 2009 )

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