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  RESEARCH ACTIVITY > Molecular Pathology: modulation of gene expression in bone and cartilage  
Molecular Pathology: modulation of gene expression in bone and cartilage
Research Group
Laura Politi Principal Investigator
Anna Scotto D'Abusco Principal Investigator
Silvia Migliaccio Principal Investigator
Carlo Coluzza Principal Investigator
Daniela Ferro Principal Investigator
Claudia Cicione PhD Student

Sapienza University
Department of Biochemical Sciences
P.le A.Moro, 5 - 00185 Rome - Italy

Research projects
a) Molecular effects of glucosamine and a derivative on cartilage homeostasis.
b) Effects of substrate morphology and chemistry on the osseointegration response.
c) Effects of cadmium in osteoblast cell signalling.
Facilities and equipment
SEM and AFM microscopes,RTPCR,all biochemistry equipments.

Recent pubblications
Effect of titanium carbide coating on the osseointegration response in vitro and in vivo. - Brama M., Rhodes N., Hunt J., Ricci A., Teghil R., Migliaccio S., Della Rocca C., Leccisotti S., Lioi A., Scandurra M., De Maria G., Ferro D., Fanrong Pu, Panzini G., Politi L., Scandurra R. - Biomaterials 28, 595-608. ( 2007 )
Cadmium induces mitogenic signaling in breast cancer cell by an ER?-dependent mechanism. - Brama M., Gnessi L., Basciani S., Cerulli N., Politi L., Spera G., Mariani S., Cherubini S., Scotto d’Abusco A., Scandurra R., Migliaccio S. - Molec.Cell.Endocrinol. 264,102-8. ( 2007 )
Glucosamine and its N-Acetyl-Phenylalanine derivative stimulate cartilage repair and affect gene expression in rabbit experimental osteoarthritis. - Scotto d'Abusco A, Corsi A, Grillo M.G, Calamia V, Cicione C, Bianco P, Panzini G, Giordano C, Politi L, Scandurra R. - Osteoarthritis Cartilage 14 (Suppl B): S51. ( 2006 )
Molecular effects of Glucosamine and its derivative on cartilage homeostasis. - Scotto d'Abusco A, Cicione C, Negri R, Moreschini O, Grigolo B, Politi L, Scandurra R. - Eur J Histochem 49: 319. ( 2005 )
Interaction of Estrogen receptor alpha with Protein kinase C alpha and c-SRC in osteoblasts during differentiation. - Longo M, Brama M, Marino M, Bernardini S, Korach KS, Wetsel WC, Scandurra R, Faraggiana T, Spera G, Baron R, Teti A, Migliaccio S. - Bone. 34,100-11. ( 2004 )

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