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Social Biology - Human Origins - FSB101. You may find the following links helpful in enlarging your understanding of Human Origins. Here is a useful account of Fossil Hominids. A more extensive source of detailed and up to date information about Human... - size 3K - 5 Dec 95
Maqueta del servidor de JGM sobre PALEOANTROPOLOGIA
Paleoantropologia. The Skull Page. The Palaeopage. Fossil hominids. ArchNet: WWW VL - Archaeology. Prehistory & Archaeology Department (universidad Autonoma de Madrid) - size 896 bytes - 15 Sep 95
Handbook Links
Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution. Links. This page is under construction. General. General issues pertaining to evolutionary theory can be tracked down through a number of sites: - size 2K - 6 Oct 95
Nicole's AnthroPage
This Home Page was created and is maintained by Nicole L. Noonan. Please see the Disclaimer and Statement of Good Faith at the bottom of this Page. CLICK FOR A SEQUENCE OF "ANTHROPOLOGY' AS PLAYED BY CHARLIE PARKER (from the Charlie Parker Omnibook) : (... - size 33K - 25 Nov 95
IPL Anthropology
the Internet Public Library. Anthropology Ready Reference. The study of peoples, cultures, and languages, both ancient and modern. The Ancient World Web. "This page is a compendium of Internet sites discussing, spot-lighting, or otherwise considering the... - size 5K - 6 Nov 95


Australopithecines. (1.2 to 3.7 million years ago) **Who Are They?** General Overview** **Common Features of Australopithecines** Who Are They? Most people agree that Australopithecines belong to the same family as modern day humans, Hominidae. From there... - size 7K - 2 Dec 95


What's New?
Primate Info Net. What's New to PIN? November 29, 1995. Primate Gallery Vocalizations. Foundation for Biomedical Research. Monkey Politics. Red Howlers. Life As A Monkey. Caring For Chimpanzees. Images. Koko. November 27, 1995. American Society of... - size 10K - 4 Dec 95
Orang Utan - Indonesia Business Center Online
Orang Utan Page. The orang-utan is literally a "man of the woods", also called Mawas (pongo pygmaeus). It is a great ape with long reddish hair, and spends its time mostly moving about in the trees and less on the ground. Orang-utans live in the wet and... - size 5K - 15 Sep 95
SSP95 Research
EVOLUTION OF PRIMATES. Investigation of Early Hominids in relation to man and Primates. I had decided to investigate something on evolution but thats such a broad topic so I focused on man and theories of primates evolving into humans. I also wanted to... - size 2K - 23 Jul 95
Fossil Primates 1
Fossil Primates 1. Dr. Bill Sellars. Introduction. In the last lecture I tried to give you an outline of primate taxonomy and how humans fit into the taxonomic framework. The next two lectures attempt to fit humans into the evolutionary framework of the... - size 8K - 25 Oct 95


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Author: Jim Foley ( Title: Fossil Hominids Date: May 16, 1995 =============================================================== Copyright (c) 1995 by Jim Foley. Permission is given to copy and print this article for non-profit use.... - size 87K - 19 May 95
Relevant Catalogues
Relevant Catalogues. Timelines: An Evolutionary/Geological Timeline may be handy for quick reference. Hominid Time Line. Hominid Taxonomy: Fossil Hominids: Jim Foley, May 16, 1995. Primate Taxonomy: Primate Taxonomy. Primate Gallery: Beautifully... - size 2K - 14 Nov 95
sci.anthropology.paleo Home Page
sci.anthropology.paleo. Charter. FAQ. Read sci.anthropology.paleo. Go to sci.anthropology.paleo archive. Pages for other USENET groups (on this server) Information. General Anthropology Information (on this server) Graduate Primatology Programs. Fossil... - size 1003 bytes - 22 Nov 95
Lecture Notes 6 of 6
Retardation and neotony in human evolution. Dr. D.R.Johnson. Throughout human evolution there has been a tendency to change skull proportions in two ways: first to increase the size of the brain and second to decrease the size of the jaws, jaw muscles and... - size 15K - 25 Oct 95
Govardhan Hill Publishing--Forbidden Archeology--Table of Contents
Forbidden Archeology The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson. Table of Contents. Foreword. Introduction and Acknowledgements. PART I: ANOMALOUS EVIDENCE. 1. The Song of the Red Lion. 1. Darwin Hesitates 2. The... - size 19K - 23 Oct 95
Religion. **Neanderthal burials** Shanidar, Iraq** **La Ferrasie, France** Cannibalism?** **Homo sapiens sapiens** Religion appears to be a behavior characteristic of the human species. In order to have religion, one must be capapble of abstract thought... - size 10K - 2 Nov 95
University of Chicago Magazine, February 1995, Investigations
The University of Chicago Magazine Feb 1995. Return to February 1995 Table of Contents. INVESTIGATIONS. The Book of Life. The story of the first true humans, says Peter Donnelly, may be written in the DNA of people living today. Between the lines: Peter... - size 21K - 18 May 95
Science -- This Week in Science {6 Oct 1995; 270 (5233)}
Highlights of Research in This Issue. Volume 270, Number 5233, Issue of 6 October 1995 ©1995 by The American Association for the Advancement of Science. African paleoclimate: Prominent changes in the climate... Flying high: New fleets of commercial... - size 12K - 10 Nov 95
Science On-Line: Science 270(5233)
African paleoclimate. Prominent changes in the climate in Africa have occurred during the past several million years and may have influenced the evolution and migration of hominids. DeMenocal (p. 53) presents detailed marine records (particularly of dust... - size 4K - 11 Dec 95
Tool Industries
Tool Industries. **Oldowan** Acheulean** Mousterian** **Aurignacian** Perigordian** Solutrean** **Gravettian** Magdalenian** Oldowan industry. The Oldowan assemblage is the oldest of the stone tool cultures, most closely associated with Homo habilis, and... - size 10K - 3 Nov 95
Environment. **The Environment and Fossilization** **The Ice Age** The Environment and Fossilization. Any list of successful archaeological sites would seem to say that early hominids lived almost exclusively in caves. This, however, is not altogether... - size 6K - 30 Oct 95
Hominids in the Hall
Hominids in the Hall. Our roving reporters collared unsuspecting Fellows for off-the-cuff, Hominid in the Hall interviews. As a reward they received the much coveted AE blinker buttons. Steve Brown Air Academy High School at the U. S. Air... - size 7K - 3 Nov 95
The Anthrosphere
Anthrosphere. Man and his direct ancestors (hominids) have graced the planet for only about three million years. For almost all of this period the human population totaled less than 5 to 10 million individuals. Homo sapiens have increased their numbers... - size 2K - 18 Apr 95
Part 1: Palaeoanthropology
Part 1: Palaeoanthropology. 1. Photogallery of fossil skulls. Abstract. This photogallery of fossil hominid skulls provides views of some of the key specimens and morphological changes discussed in the Handbook. Two other excellent sources for photos are... - size 10K - 12 Sep 95
Diet and Food Supply
Diet and Food Supply. **Homo habilis** Homo erecuts** **Homo sapiens neanderthalensis** Deciphering what early hominids ate and how they acquired their food is as problematic as trying to figure out anything else about our evolutionary past. Examination... - size 5K - 3 Nov 95
Origins of Mankind Web Links
General Origins of Mankind Sites. The Family Album- Catalog of the Human Fossil Record. Talk Origins FAQ- Filled with very useful information about the basics of Human Evolution. Danny's Anthropology Page. Harvard's Evolution Page. Talk.Origins Archive.... - size 5K - 4 Dec 95


Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson - Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto. RESEARCH INTERESTS: Hominid taxonomy and systematics; Morphometrics; Palaeoanthropology , including early hominid demography and the evolution of the human growth...' - size 4K - 24 Oct 94
Christoph P.E. Zollikofer
Christoph P.E. Zollikofer PhD Zoologist I am working on a joint research project of the Institute of Anthropology and the Department of Computer Sciences, MultiMedia Lab. This project aims at development of a methodological framework for interactive... - size 1K - 7 Dec 95
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Anthropology 101 Web Sites. Biological Anthro. What is Anthropology. UCSB Anthropology Faculty--Chagnon. Anthropology Cool Web Stuff. Evolution. The WWW Virtual Library: Evolution (Biosciences) Ode to Natural Selection. The Origin of Species, By Charles... - size 6K - 15 Sep 95
Research Activities at the MultiMedia Laboratory
Research Activities at the MultiMedia Laboratory. Here you can find a general Introduction to Multimedia and our Laboratory. Our current research activities are structured around four distinct areas: Computer image synthesis or computer graphics. Computer... - size 10K - 6 Dec 95
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101 Class Materials. Anthropology 101 Class Materials. Biological Anthro. What is Anthropology. Four Field of Anthropology. Unifying Concepts. Anthro History. Evolution. The Scientific Revolution. Biological Terms. Primates. Themes of Primate Adaptation.... - size 3K - 20 Nov 95
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ANTH220 Lecture Notes PALEOANTHROPOLOGY Primary Methods and Kinds of Data Generated 1. Dating Techniques: Chronometric (Absolute) and Relative Geological stratigraphy petrology (rocks, minerals) pedology (soils) Paleontological Geophysical 2. Paleoecology... - size 12K - 7 Dec 95
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Human Paleontology. ANTH 4110 3 credit hours. Professor Herbert Covert, Department of Anthropology. Human paleontology is the fascinating study of human evolution with a primary focus on the fossil record of humanoid primates. In this course we will carry... - size 2K - 11 Dec 95
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