Flavio Antonio Ceravolo

Role: Ricercatore a tempo indeterminato
Email: flavioantonio.ceravolo@unipv.it
Telephone: +39 0382984820
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Born in Italy, Alessandria, on 27th of August, 1970.
He lives in Lobbi, near Alessandria.

Academic curriculum

Education / Training 8th March 2000
Degree in Political Science, studies in Social Politics, from UPO “Amedeo Avogardo”; an achievement of a score of 110/110 with publishing appraisal and worthiness.
20th March 2004: Doctorate in “Applied Sociology and Methodology of Social Research” completed in the University of Milano Bicocca at the Department of Social Research.
Institutional Positions
03/04/2000- 05/11/2002: Assistant researcher at the Department of Social Research of UPO. 01/01/2003- 30/06/2005: Research contract at the Department of Social Research of UPO.
03/07/2006- 02/012009: Assistant researcher at the Department of Social Research of UPO.
For the years 2006-2007 and 2007-2008: Project coordinator of the Master’s degree in Local Development at UPO.
For the years 2006, 2007 and 2008: A three-year long membership with the Scientific Council of the Methodology Division of the Italian Association of Sociology.
From 25/01/2008 to presently: Member of The Interateneo Commission of the University of Piedmont and the Turin Politecnico for the compilation of the study of the feasibility of the file “Citadel of Science and Technology” within the candidacy for the Integrated Territorial Plans of the Piedmont Region.
From 20/11/2008 to presently: Member of the Commission of UPO and for the compilation of territorial analysis for the strategic plan “Alessandria 2018”.
03/01/2009- 27/12/2010: A fixed-term contracted researcher, Disciplinary Scientific Division SPS07, at the faculty of Political Science and the Department of Social Research of UPO.
From 29/12/2010 to presently: Researcher (unconfirmed), Disciplinary Scientific Division SPS07, at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Pavia. .

Research interests

Research Interests
Over the course of time my scientific activity has come to be expressed in more principally thematic areas.
1. Social Mobility.
My first interest, since the time of my degree thesis, is constituted of the processes of social and educational mobility, with particular reference to the use of social capital in the reproduction of inequalities and to the connection between inequalities and migration process.
In this area I delved into theoretical aspects as well as methodological ones, reconceptualising the category of “social capital” in order to elaborate on typological indications that consent to its insertion in statistic models of analysis. The participation with a PRIN research coordinated by Professor Bianco allowed me, in addition, to expand on the migratory variable as a new criterion of social stratification.
The adjusted theoretical and methodological tools were applied to the study, carried out in my doctoral thesis, of mechanisms of social and educational reproduction of superior classes in a Provincial context. Recently I carried out, together with Domenico Carbone, an additional research in the Provence of Alessandria, for which I prepared a questionnaire capable of revealing the mutations in the processes of mobility experienced in a long temporal arch. In a field of research financed by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, I am contemporaneously studying the effect of the institution of new universities on the fluxes of social mobility in the territories in which they have been established. More recently I partipated to a work group within the SECONDGEN research studing the connection between migration and inequalities reproduction and in particular educational and occupational paths of second generation migrants.

2. The Conditon of Youth
The participation in a study on the youths of Turin promoted by Fondazione Agnelli, under the scientific direction of Professor Bianco, was an opportunity to consolidate my interests on such subjects, with particular concentration on the conditions in which uncertainty in the labour market produces short-lived strategies of adaptation. The methodological responsibility assigned to me allowed me in addition to fine-tune non conventional implements of attitude exposure. However, in further studies I expanded on the subjects of culture transmission from one generation to another.
3. Evaluation of Public Politics and Local Development
Concerns an area of study I dedicated myself to in the last few years, participating in national and international projects (in particular European projects concerning the Equal Community Initiative and genius interventions concerning more the labour market and professional training ( Asse D e E) ). In these areas I developed a methodological contemplation of monitory and participatory evaluation models, according to the perspective of Research Action and a publically negotiated decision, in view of governance. In addition, I was interested in the construction of analytics models for territorial diagnosis and strategic planning, studying the possibility of using the sources of process (administrative data not specifically collected for statistical analysis) in order to construct information data bases that allowed the monitoring of
4. The study of triangulation models using qualitative and quantitative methods.
Interests in the combined use of qualitative and quantitative methods in the view of triangulation as an object of study came about in my first research activities. In particular I was interested in the study of research designs that forecasted the development of a mixed method approach, concentrating on the problem of epistemological fallacy of the representation sampling models and the articulation of the concept of sufficient ability to generalise research results. Besides this, I developed a contemplation of methodological criteria in the applicability of different techniques -qualitative and quantitative- in the confines of applied research for which a combined approach was particularly adapted( for example the analysis of climate organisation, the analysis of local government mechanisms and the evaluation of public politics).
5. University System
More recently, participation into research teams towards Italian University system and related inequalities, take me to give attention to the universities’ system structures from a comparative point of view. I begun a study and research path that combines my previous topic of interest (inequalities, migration, local development) with interest in studying academic institutions both as agents of production of human capital and new knowledge and as local development promoters.

Recent publications

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