Maria Antonietta Confalonieri

Role: Associate Professor
Telephone: +39 0382 984364

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Maria Antonietta Confalonieri is Associated Professor of European Political Organization at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Pavia. She also teaches the courses, Policy Analysis and Gender studies-Gender equality policies in the EU at the underguate level and European integration and public policy the post-graduate level (MA Degree in Economics, Politics and International Institutions, inter-faculty degree with the Faculty of Economics). She is Coordinator for Intenational Student Mobility of the University of Pavia .
She is the Chairperson of the Council for the degree curricula (Consiglio di Corso di Laurea) in Political Sciences and International Relations, member of the Council for the PHD program in Political Science, and member of the Steering Committee of the Interdepartemental Center for Gender Studies of the University of Pavia .

Research interests

Regarding research, she has worked on comparative political culture, political parties and EU enlargment. Her current research interest are on comparative Euroscepticism and europeanization of public policies. A book by her on the europeanization of gender equality policies will be published shortly.