Francesco Mazzucotelli

Role: Adjunct Professor
Telephone: +39 0382




Storia della turchia e del vicino oriente [a.y. 2019/2020]
Storia e cultura del medio oriente

Office hours

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Research interests

I am interested in, and work on a variety of topics related to Near/Middle Eastern Studies in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
In particular, I am attracted by the following domains of analysis and research:
1. Identity politics and the construction of ethnic, sectarian, and communal identities, loyalties and conflicts
2. The role of religion (particularly Islam) in the public sphere
3. Urban spaces and processes of political and social inclusion and exclusion, with a particular interest in forms and channels of contestation
I am interested in historical, anthropological, and sociological approaches.
In geographical terms, my interest is primarily related to Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey.