Pamela Pansardi

Role: Research fellow
Telephone: +39 0382 984365




Pamela Pansardi obtained her PhD in Political Science from the University of Pavia in January 2011 with a thesis entitled The Concept of Power: An Analysis supervised by Ian Carter. During her PhD studies she has been visiting researcher at New York University (2008) and at the Australian National University (2010). Previously, she obtained her master degree in Political Theory (cum laude, 2006) and her bachelor degree in Politics and International Relations (cum laude, 2004) from the University of Pavia. As a student, she participated to two international exchange programs and studied at San Francisco State University (2006) and at the University of Granada, Spain (2004). She was also a student of the class of Social Sciences of the IUSS (Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Pavia) and she graduated in 2007.

Academic curriculum

Pamela Pansardi is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Pavia, Department of Political and Social Sciences. Previously, she was Adam Smith Guest Professor at the University of Bayreuth, Program in Philosophy and Economics (2012), and teaching fellow in Political Science at the University of Pavia (2010/2011 and 2013/2014). Since 2006 she has been Teaching Assistant for a number of courses, including Political Science, Theory of Political Institutions, Comparative Politics and Political Communication.

Recent publications

(With M. Vercesi), ‘Party Gate-Keeping and Women’s Appointment to Parliamentary Committees: Evidence from the Italian Case’, Parliamentary Affairs (forthcoming).

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(With E. Biale), Republicanism between Democracy and Justice (with a Symposium on Philip Pettit’s ‘On the People’s Terms’), Special issue of Philosophy and Public Issues, 2/2015 (forthcoming).

'Republican Democracy and the Priority of Legitimacy over Justice', Philosophy and Public Issues, 2/2015 (forthcoming).

'Il declino del parlamento e la funzione legislativa', Il Politico, 2/2015, (forthcoming).

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