Roberta Rabellotti

Role: Full Professor
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Roberta Rabellotti is Full Professor of Economics at the Università di Pavia, Italy. She has got a Master of Science in Development Economics at the University of Oxford and a Doctor of Philosophy at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex.
She specializes in the analysis of the industrial sector in developing countries. Her areas of interest are: industrial policies, small business promotion, international trade policies, industrial districts and clusters, global value chains.
Prof. Rabellotti has working experience with the Inter-American Development Bank, European Union, UNIDO, ILO, ECLAC-UN, UNCTAD.
Her publications include books with Harvard University Press, MacMillan and Edward Elgar as well as numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Recent publications

Rabellotti R., 2012, “When do global pipelines enhance knowledge diffusion in clusters?”, forthcoming in Economic Geography (with A. Morrison e L. Zirulia).
Rabellotti R., 2012, “Universities in emerging economies: Bridging local industry with international science. Evidence from Chile and South Africa”, forthcoming in Cambridge Journal of Economics (with E. Giuliani).
Rabellotti R., 2011, “Global Value Chains Meet Innovation Systems: Are There Learning Opportunities for Developing Countries?”, World Development 9 (7), 1261-1269 (with C. Pietrobelli).
Rabellotti R., 2011, “The international specialisation patterns of the Italian local economic systems: concentration or diversification?”, Regional Studies 45 (3), 381–401, (with Amighini A. e Leone M.).
Rabellotti R., 2011, Innovation and Catching Up: The changing geography of wine production, Chelthenam: Edward Elgar (con Elisa Giuliani e Andrea Morrison).
Rabellotti R., 2010, “Catching-up Trajectories in the Wine Sector: A Comparative Study of Chile, Italy and South Africa”, World Development 38 (11), 1588-1602 (with L. Cusmano e A. Morrison).
Rabellotti R., 2010, “Why do researchers collaborate with industry? An analysis of the wine sector in Chile, Italy and South Africa”, Research Policy, 39(6): 748-761 (with E. Giuliani, A. Morrison e C. Pietrobelli).
Rabellotti R., 2009, “Knowledge and information networks in an Italian wine cluster”, European and Planning Studies, 17, 7, 983-1006 (with A. Morrison).
Rabellotti R., 2009, “Italian SMEs and Industrial Districts on the move: where are they going?”, European and Planning Studies, 17, 1, 19-41 (with A. Carabelli e G. Hirsch).
Rabellotti R., 2008, “Global Value Chains and Technological Capabilities: A Framework to Study Industrial Innovation in Developing Countries”, Oxford Development Studies, 36 (1): 39-58 (con A. Morrison e C. Pietrobelli).
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