Department of Political and Social Sciences


The Department of Political and Social Sciences (DPSS)  was recently formed (1st
January 2012) from the already existing Department of  Political, Social, Economic, Statistics and Law Studies. It includes the disciplines and research environments of political and social areas of study and, in addition, some of the specialist fields that were part of previous departments. In particular:

  • Political economy, public economics, economics of development
  • Political science and philosophy
  • Jurisprudence
  • Sociology
  • Statistics for economics and social studies
  • History of political institutions and doctrine
  • Afro-Asian studies
  • International history and politics


Some specific research centres are connected with the Department through the research carried out by members of the Department’s staff. In particular:

  • CIRPS-GESTER – Interdepartmental Centre  for Research into Social Participation in Territorial Administration
  • CIRSIS – Interdepartmental Centre  for Study and Research into Higher Education Systems
  • Laboratory PA (Public Administration) Contracts
  • The "Cesare Bonacossa" Centre for the Study of Extra-European Peoples
  • Interdepartmental Centre for Gender Studies

The Department is also the headquarters of the SIEP (Italian Society for Public Economics)