Sivia Garagna

Fifteen selected Publications

Merico V., Barbieri J., Zuccotti M., Joffe B., Cremer T., Redi C.A., Solovei I., GaragnaS.: Epigenomic differentiation in mouse preimplantation nuclei of biparental, parthenote and cloned embryos. Chromosome Research, in press 2007.

Monti M., Garagna S., Redi C.A., Zuccotti M.: Gonadotropins affect Oct-4 gene expression during mouse oocyte growth. Molec Reprod Dev. 73: 685-691, 2006.

Garagna S., Vasco C., Merico V., Esposito A., Zuccotti M., Redi C.A.: Effects of a low dose of bentazon on spermatogenesis of mice exposed during foetal, postnatal and adult life. Toxicology 212:165-174, 2005.

Sebastiano V., Gentile L., Garagna S., Redi C.A., Zuccotti M.: Cloned preimplantation mouse embryos show correct timing but altered levels of gene expression. Molec Reprod Dev. 70: 146-154, 2005

Garagna S., Merico V., Sebastiano V., Monti M., Orlandini G., Gatti R., Scandroglio R., Redi C.A., Zuccotti M.: Three-dimensional localisation of centromeres in mouse oocytes during folliculogenesis. J Molec Histol 35: 631-638, 2004.

Gentile L., Monti M., Sebastiano V., Merico V., Garagna S., Redi C.A., Zuccotti M.: Single-cell quantitative RT-PCR analysis of Cpt-1b and Cpt-2 gene expression in mouse antral oocytes and in preimplantation embryos. Cytogenet Genome Res 105: 215-221, 2004.

Merico V., Pigozzi M. I., Esposito A, Merani M.S., Garagna S.: Meiotic recombination and spermatogenic impairment in Mus domesticus carrying multiple simple Robertsonian translocations. Cytogenet Genome Res 103: 321-329, 2003.

Longo F., Garagna S., Merico V., Orlandini G., Gatti R., Scandroglio R., Redi C.A., Zuccotti M.: Nuclear localization of nors and centromeres in mouse oocytes during folliculogenesis. Molecular Reproduction and Development 66: 279-290, 2003.

Garagna S., Zuccotti M., Capanna E., Redi C.A.: High-resolution organisation of mouse telomeric and pericentromeric DNA. Cytogenetics and Genome Research 96: 125-129, 2002.

Garagna S., Marziliano N., Zuccotti M., Searle J.B., Capanna E., Redi C.A.: Pericentromeric organization at the fusionpoint of mouse robertsonian translocation chromosomes. Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 98: 171-175, 2001

Redi C.A., Garagna S., Zacharias H, Zuccotti M., Capanna E.: The other chromatin. Chromosoma 110:136-147, 2001.

Garagna S., Zuccotti M., Thornhill A., Fernandez-Donoso R., Berrios S., Capanna E., Redi C.A.: Alteration of nuclear architecture in male germ cells of chromosomally derived subfertile mice. Journal of Cell Science 114: 4429-4434, 2001.

Garagna S., Rubini P.G., Redi C.A., Zuccotti M., Meriggi A., Fanelli R., Facchetti S.: Recovering Seveso. Science 363: 1268-1269, 1999

Garagna S., Zuccotti M., Redi C.A., Capanna E.: Trapping Speciation. Nature 390:241-242, 1997.

Garagna S., Broccoli D., Redi C.A., Searle J.B., Cooke H.J., Capanna E.: Robertsonian metacentrics of the house mouse lose telomeric sequences but retain some minor satellite DNA in the pericentromeric area. Chromosoma 103: 685-692, 1995.