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Noise in Devices and in Photodetection

Optical Amplifiers

Passive Fiberoptic Components

Optical Chaos and Cryptography

Optical Fiber Sensors

activity briefing and summary


2008-10 Solid state 3-D and single-photon detectors

2006-09 Microoptics concentrators for the recovery of the fill-factor in image detectors

2002-05 Development of Self-mixing interferometers: sub-nm vibrometers and diffuse-target displacement measurements with bright speckle tracking, two preproduction instruments developed; multipoint vibrometer developed

1998-01 Novel gyroscopes for automotive and robotics: the integrated RLG in GaAlAs and the optical readout MEMS gyroscope
1995-01 Coupling in semiconductor laser: study of synchronizaton and chaos. Proposal of new schemes of chaotic cryptography
1996-97 New theory of photodetection and optical amplifier noise based on a 2nd-quantization beam splitter model
1994-96 Promoting the start-up of a spin-off company producing high-performance fused couplers (Teles, Milano)
1994-99 Development of a semiconductor-laser injection interferometer and vibrometer based on the moderate feedback-level
1992-93 Development of an all-fiber optical isolator for second window (released to SIRTI, Milano)
1991-92 Development of an all-fiber magnetic field sensor with birefringence-matched multiturn coil (CNR MADESS)
1990-92 Development of a 2 Gb/s optical interconnect (in cooperation with Siemens)
1990-91 Programme for the satellite attitude control with FOGs, for the Italian Space Agency (Roma)

1988-89 Development of a thick-film inclinometer (in cooperation with Magneti Marelli)
1986-88 Development of optical isolators (in cooperation with Face Standard, Roma)
1985-91 Development and fabrication of an optoelectronic, diffuse radiation, infrared link for bidirectional interconnection (released to Ist. Farm. Mario Negri, Milano)
1985-87 Development of lapped fiberoptic couplers (in cooperation with Italtel)
1984-85 Development of a prototype FOG, open loop, 1/h, released to ELSAG (Genova) for production
1982-85 Design leader for the CNR-IKI (Moscow) star sensor programme in the gamma-ray telescope mission
1982-84 One of the first all-fiber current sensor (0.5 A noise, 1000 A dynamic range)
1982-90 High resolution UV-VIS spectrophometers developed for C. Erba Strumentazione (MI), high resolution (m-dB) spectrophometer for attenuation measurements in optical fibers
1982-83 All fiber polarizing components by bend and twist
1980-81 Early fiberoptic gyro (10/h) with dual mode He-Ne and 100 m first window fiber
1975-76 First He-Ne injection laser interferometer capable of nm resolution and 20 m range
1975-76 Theory of the CCD MTF and noise for imaging applications
1973-75 First speckle pattern strain interferometer on image size 50x50 cm
1972-73 New theory of the avalanche photodiode frequency response and noise
1969-71 First two-frequency Q-switched laser telemeter (100 km range)
1968-72 Gated vision through fog and haze: theoretical study and realization of a 10W (average) GaAs illuminator (50 ns pulses) and a 4-stage gated-image intensifier
1966-71 New theory of the photomultiplier noise analyzed by time-dependent branching processes

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