Criteria for inclusion in the database and chronological limits

   The RETRAPA database has the following limits: 1) Greek authors/works datable till the VIIth Century; 2) Latin translations (both identified and anonymous) from the end of 14th entury to 1536. The census includes manuscripts and printed editions of translations, up to 1600; the entries will be based on consultation of secondary sources, typically catalogues in Italian libraries. The extent and the quality of the information is therefore directly related to the accuracy of these sources. For this reason the data base will also include translations of authors/texts transmitted in fifteenth century MSS for which no translator's name is provided: in these cases, it is just possible that direct study of Ms sources will lead to identifying the translator as active before the Humanist period.

The RETRAPA data base is in progress, and its completion will be dependent on the continuance of financial support from the Italian government.

Record structure

    The data will be collected in records with the following structure:
1) 'lemmata'. Each 'lemma' will correspond to an author's name and/or a work's title;
2) description of manuscripts and printed editions of the translation.