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General Information

The Engineering Library was created in 1986 by bringing together the collections of the various departments (Electronics, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, Computers and Systems, Construction and Territorial Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Electrical Engineering), to which new purchases were added.

The library facilities include: a 51-seat reading room for consulting bibliographical material; an on-line consulting room with six computer stations; and two book depositories accessible only to library staff.

There is also a photocopier for bibliographical material, which requires a magnetic card that can be purchashed at the loan desk. The photocopy service is available during opening hours.

Library Hours

Please consult the library website.

On-line Service

The library offers various on-line services, which can be consulted at the appropriate site, which present information for using the catalogues, the on-line data-banks, as well as providing suggestions for bibliographical research. In addition, the general rules for using the facilities and services are also available. The Library resources can be consulted via Internet through the OPAC (Single University Catalogue).


The library is available to the following users:
a. faculty, researchers, doctoral students, technical-administrative staff of the Faculty;
b. University students;
c. assistants to the teaching staff of the Engineering faculty, personnel and students from other University faculties, and outside users.
The conditions and length of loans vary depending on the type of user (the library loan rules are available in PDF format at the following link: regolamento riguardante il prestito.

Faculty of Engineering Library
University of Pavia
Via Ferrata, 1
27100 Pavia (Italy)
Tel +39 0382 98.5808
Fax +39 0382 98.5335

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